Friday, June 29, 2012

Seventeen Years Ago

Yep.  It was 17 years ago that I was diagnosed.  A lot happened in those years, but one thing remained the same:

Because we were well-insured, our doctor ordered every test under the sun back then.  He even sent me to an Audiologist for my hearing.  I was having an awful time with a very obnoxious tinnitis that deafened me in my left ear.

The Audiologist told me that I suffered a significant loss all right, but not to worry because I had super hearing in my right ear. His advice:  "Don't let anyone sell you a hearing aid for this sort of thing."  End of visit, no sale.

This summer I took my mother in law in for a hearing aids.  We are still working out the bugs, but they certainly help her.  A LOT.

Just for s#its and giggles, I, too, had my hearing tested.  My left ear is noticeably deafer than my right, and as a bonus, each ear has its own tinnitus.

You've probably guessed some of this:  of course they tried to sell me hearing aids.  No sale.

Here's the corker:

My hearing loss is about 25% between the two ears: actually just about normal for a person my age.  But they wanted to sell me hearing aid thats would make their own special buzzing to offset the tinnitus.  They insisted that their "audiologist" recommended it!

End of visit, no sale.

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