Tuesday, February 07, 2006

This Grand Rounds is Really Big

It's Tuesday.

So naturally I went to Gruntdoc for Grand Rounds. This week they are hosted by Bora Zivkovic.

Heads up! They are huge. He decided not to whittle them, and instead includes every submission received. Do what I do: 1--send the url to your desk top; 2--go through the darned thing and just select those that jump out; 3--later select only those that address something related to your, or your personal circle's, current crises; 4--finally read those that only seem interesting.

This doesn't work if you are a casual surfer. You'll forget the desktop icon and later trash it. Trust me on this one.

But I hate to miss anything, just because I have a limited attention span. And it irks me when someone emails me an item I should have read (and emailed to them).


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