Sunday, February 12, 2006

What a relief!

My doctor wasn't miffed in the least by my changes in the prescriptions. He was most sympathetic regarding the alarmingly high copays.

I can't help but feel a little sheepish over the whole deal. We could scrimp and save to afford them, but why give up so much just to have the name brands? Between Husband RJ and I, our drug costs are well over $200 per month, without those extra drugs. With one important exception: The Copaxone copay is $20.00. The County insurance pays a staggering amount for us. So it's not like we feel worked over by them. Perhaps we can cut back on the less essential ones.

My bloodwork was excellent, even my calcium readings, and my blood pressure seems totally under control. Closer to my readings from my early twenties!

Unfortunately, I experienced low blood sugar at the close of our visit and could not stay for some followup, shots and home tests, etc. I'll get those next week.

Then it's time for a Mammogram and a OBGYN visit. Right now, I feel wonderful, and expect no bad news.

Life is good.

Little Pond

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