Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Clogged Sink

that can't be snaked or plunged. Leaking on both sides. Fix-Rite service coming. Gotta clean the house.

GruntDoc says it's time for Grand Rounds, hosted by Elisa at Healthy Concerns. We are in such a mess here, I haven't had time for recommendations. Maybe you can make some?

Little Pond


mdmhvonpa said...

Some-how, I found your link and made a quick stop ... I'm a transplant to/from NY as well. (Vestal/Binghamton/Ithaca/Rochester) Now living in PA. How are ou doing with the Flu/MS fiasco? I got a flu shot and still got a couple of nasty virus (virui?) this winter from my lovely children.

pb said...

The flu is "officially" here. (Mine was so totally unofficial; people insisted it must be something else!) The major health providers/employers are reporting outbreaks.

I personally am much better, with residual coughing and some insomnia, strangely enough. The people around me are also recovering.

Best to wait another week before assessing the damages, MS-wise, but the neuralgia has stopped and I am back wearing shoes with heels. And that means something!