Monday, March 13, 2006

The Costs of the Flu

Let's start with the shot I got in November. Hello? What the heck happened.? Then let's factor in all the sanitary wipes and little bottles of hand sanitizer, not to mention the spray disinfectants at the workplace. All right, that didn't work either.

So naturally, I got the flu. Full on, with chills, fever, aches--even my hair hurt--coughing, congestion and a whopper of a head cold to go with it. Can't tell if I was nauseous or not; I was too busy refluxing everything I ate, drank, breathed, you name it. Oh, yeah, and plenty of business at the other end. Not more than one hour sleep at any given time for the last week. Night or day.

I'm gobblin decongestants still, and have given up on any blood pressure readings for now. On and off with the expectorant, but the results are still impressive!! It's weird to combine it all with cough suppressant, but I do. Tussin puts it out in gelcaps, and they seem to work the best to get me back in the workplace.

As for the MS, well those symptoms are so secondary right now. But they are increasing, as expected when fever is involved. Mushy legs and cramping in the feet make me hobble about. It would be comical if it didn't hurt. Fortunately, the rainy, dark days keep Ellie on the sofa and avoiding any eye contact with me. She hates rainy walks. I'm okay with them. Normally. Right now, forget it.

Every other MS symptom is checking in right now. Numbness around the left eye. Decreased hearing in the left ear. Twingey, electrical prickling at the nape of the neck. Numbness of the left side of my nose! Tingles in both hands. And a touch of neuralgia behind my right ear. Why the right ear, I don't know. But the neuralgia always seems to hit behind the right ear, or deep inside the left.

Keep on keeping on. Off to work!! Sick to death of this dark house and the lousy television. And I could use some human conversation. Hope somebody's left at the paper...

Little Pond

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