Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Summer of Health Care

Mammo today. Been getting them for decades. We like to produce cysts, we do. On the ovaries and in the breasts. Lots of surgery, little consequence. Had an aspiration once, too.

If you've never had a mammo, here's a tip: treat yourself the day before as if you had wicked PMS. Take Midol with ibuprofen, or better yet, Aleve. That would be naproxen sodium, or Naprosin, if I remember correctly. And be sure to tell the technician you've been taking it.

That should relieve any pain caused by the compression. I used to have awful pain during the procedure and for days afterwards. Can't remember if the technician or my doctor suggested the remedy, but it certainly works for me.

And mammograms are too important to slough off, ladies. The procedure itself won't take more than an hour: waiting, paperwork, and all. And all the breast cancer survivors I know wholeheartedly endorse mammography.

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