Saturday, June 03, 2006

Post-Mortem to the Corning Classic

All my companions understand about the MS, so most worry was kept to a minimum. We began feeling unusually well, and with a free pass, there was no pressure to stick it out.

Corning LPGA events are relatively uncrowded and peaceful. Restrooms are plentiful and not at all overused; they are clean and always immediately available. Couldn't do this at almost any other sport or family event. It would have been disgusting, anxiety-ridden, and cut short.

I can record the Classic and watch it with a much better view. Because of my health and need to stay close to home, we have full cable: Golf Channel, ESPN, etc. However, I did get the lovely feel of the quiet (and sometimes raucous!) excitement of some of the shots.

I arrived and left early. The setup at the Corning Country Club allowed me to stay longer, but keep in mind that I didn't watch an awful lot of golf. The walk back to the car left me lame and a little sick, but we have A/C in the Tracker.

The only problem came when I left. There was little designated handicapped parking. I got lucky with a fairly close regular spot that was specially dug up for me.

By the way, this turned into a very difficult week at work, puctuated by lameness and a huge need to sleep. Friday night, especially, was fraught with MS and other illness. Still don't know exactly what, but I am up early typing this because I slept fitfully, with chills, fever and cramps of some sort and nausea. And headache, to literally top it off.

Bet they still can't figure out where I went. Right in the middle of shipping second edition, after about a half hour of overtime. But people where talking at me and I couldn't understand them. My mind was on my bladder and worse. Just sort of clocked out and ran home.

Poor Husband. He saw me agitated and confused, getting up and sitting down, heading up to bed and running back down for meds. RJ finally chose to sleep in the extra bedroom. Good idea, since I slept about three hours total, tossing and turning the pillow and kicking the blankets off and on. Still nauseous and gagging, even as I type.

RJ mentioned that RiverFest2006 is today. It will have to do without me. Back to bed, no breakfast, I think.

Little Pond


Shelly said...

Sorry your not feeling well, get plenty of rest and I hope your not in a flare!
stay rested and here's to better days ahead.

Miss Chris said...

Yes, I do takes these uneventful times to reflect on my health and put that first in my life. It's nice to have these kind of times to do that and not feel guilty about it. Hope you're feeling better!

Miss Chris said...

In response to your comment, unfortunalely our instructors have the philosophy that injuries are just part of karate. They'll happen. I can accept that to a certain degree and, like you I tend to injure myself doing various assorted tasks not involving karate. I do feel, however that out karate school could go a step further and make it a bit safer for all the students. Especially us older ones! Hope all is well with you!