Thursday, June 22, 2006

Waiting for the repairman. Again.

Once again we are waiting for Fix-Rite. Only this time it's for the dryer. Must be the extra drying loads, or their size, overtaxed the poor thing. Their dispatcher took a new tack. The appointment was set for "morning only."

There he is now. P.C. note: The only she at Fix-Rite is the dispatcher, originally the wife of Bob (as in Fix-Rite Bob) himself. May still be her, since I occasionally see Bob on the job. Mostly it's young fellows, all male buddies of MammaDog.

Funny thing is, when Sears called to announce the imminent arrival of our new washer, we were offered discounted service on the dryer, also. But I am so disgusted by sales calls that I knee-jerked a "no." We didn't need it, since we'd just done our half-yearly lint cleaning ourselves. If I'd had seen such a suggestion elsewhere, I would have called Fix-Rite, just because it's probably a good idea.

So Fix-Rite is here now. We've both agreed that the dryer is just being ornery over the new washer. Shiny, new washer! It's a self-esteem issue, he grunts. Guess it must happen all the time.

I am confident that the problem will be solved. May cost a fortune, but it will be solved. BTW, the outlook for the new roof is not good. All estimates are just plain scary. This is not a quick fix, quick loan, quick payoff sort of thing. This is a save for a couple of years, then get the quick loan for the rest during a summer, so the work is done before the Upstate New York winter savages what's left of the shingles sort of thing.

But the bathroom still needs remodeling, so we may take a stab at that, and just pay bills with the rest.

Darned roof estimates.

Little Pond

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