Tuesday, October 17, 2006


No, not my smallest cat. Numb patches, like my good buddy in PA talks about.

I never thought much about them, because I thought they were all in my head. You know, the "feelings are not facts," sort of thing. So many of the other MS bloggers talk about numb digits and numb patches that I am beginning to conclude that they do exist.

The amount of stress that I enjoy can often be quantified by the number of numb patches I currently experience. Right now, I have patches in my inner thighs, outer thighs, knees and my left little pinkie. Also my cheeks, the ones on my face and the lower portions of my lower portions.

The BrideDaughter stopped by today to fill me in on her current crises. Not enough money for alcoholic libations during the reception that we are footing. To put it very mildly, I am conflicted over this one. We are already shelling out over $4000 for the reception, and I had left the alcohol up to her. Most in my generation and older will not drink past the toast, because the wedding is a 45 minute ride from Little Pond. We do not wish to attract the attention of the local smokies. On the other hand, we don't want to lessen the party atmosphere with an announcement that the host is out of wine. (Unless of course, budding Messiahs happen to be present. In that case we will prepare some extra large vats of water.)

Other crisis: the expected trouble between the various (divorced, separated, feuding) families is already raising it ugly head. Spite, innuendo, misunderstanding are all meeting together where these kids are getting married: surely hilarity will ensue. I told her everything will work out, that weddings are always like that, kissed her and sent her on her way.

Now even my nose is a numb patch.

Little Pond


Anonymous said...

Numb nose ... alcohol ... no skin of my nose ... hmmm. Odd that you live near the heart of the Fingerlakes wine country and yet, 4000$ is not enough to get the celebrants buzzed? Me thinks that if you go to Northside Liquor (http://www.northsidewine.com/search.php?page=1&a=Australia&v=Syrah/Shiraz&syb=&sale=<d=&k=) in Ithaca, you could buy a whole lot of Aussie Shiraz for less than 8$/liter. Just a thought from an unabashed sybarite.

Miss Chris said...

Numb patched most definitely do exist and, let me tell you...I get plenty. Argh! Mostly on my legs but sometimes other places too.

Miss Chris said...

Oops...I meant patches.

Baitulos said...

Some achieve their "numb patches" with alcohol...some don't. Let's hope for enough booze at the wedding to leave EVERYONE numb! LOL

Good grief...can't the heavy drinkers sport their own flasks? It's only the proper and polite thing to do...LOL

Linda D. in Seattle

Deborah Gray said...

I've noticed that my numb patches are worse when I haven't had enough sleep.

Charles-A. Rovira said...

Numb patches aren't bad, Try always having cold feet. (And yet I got married anyway :-)

$4,000.00 is quite a bit to spend on a wedding, but its still a lot cheaper than some I've heard of here in NYC.

Now if only the gride and broom had to pay you back on a depreciated scale if it all goes awry, they'd definitely think twice about entering into matrimony.

But after twenty or thirty years ... they're adults and they can do whatever they want. (I'm just justifying not paying my parents back for my first wedding. :-)

Enjoy the wedding. Its a time to be joyful

Anonymous said...

"Now even my nose is a numb patch."

I laughed so hard I peed in my new Tempur-Pedic bed (ACK!) and yes we had to steamclean it (wait, let me read the instructions!) LOL but it was worth it.

However I confess to a numb right eyeball patch. How odd.

Have a good day!