Thursday, December 07, 2006

What was I thinking??

It's a measure of the nastiness of this virus that I cannot believe my last post. I thought I felt better? It is now the tenth day, and I feel awful. Tons and tons better, thank you, but still just awful.

Yesterday was spent cleaning up the mess I made of the finances while I was too sick to even know I was too sick to handle them. Rapid transfers back and forth between checking and savings--literally back and forth--were made to assuage the situation. Today is Husband RJ's payday and we will reset back to normal. But yesterday was way too dicey for my tastes. Imagine thinking it would be necessary to take out a cash advance to correct a hell of an overdraught. (We've done that before. Not necessary this time.)

Which means we are constantly one paycheck away from bankruptcy. Our savings bumper is now gone. It's been a very expensive year.

Is it this horrible virus, or am I just pessimistic today?

For the record, I will never live down the silliness that was Friday night's return to work. And right now I am shunned as "Consumptive Connie," the woman who constantly coughs. I use and immediately dispose tissues while coughing, and developed the curious habit of handing people disinfectant wipes after any closeup work. Mucinex really worked for me, but not a cure, and not possible during, or even four hours before, work hours. But I'm still the only one sick from last week.

Except for me, only my poor parttime coworker on chemo has this awful thing. Hers is new in the last two days, and she believes she got it from her full-time job. She was out on doctor's orders when I came in, all infectious-like. She'd passed out at her day job. (Thank Goodness. I couldn't live with the guilt otherwise.) So you see, I'm actually doing quite well, in comparison with others. And this is all over the County up here.

My head is still humming. That is usually the sign of a low-grade fever, but since I'm constantly stuffed-up in the head, we have to wait and see.

And, oh yeah, one more thing.

Hope you are all well. I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

Little Pond


Anonymous said...

"Is it this horrible virus, or am I just pessimistic today?"

Seems to me: MS + VIRUS + WINTER + FINANCIAL_HARSHIP = melancholy(2)


Miss Chris said...

I'm glad you're still hanging in there! Hopefully you'll get back to normal soon (that's the best we can hope for, right?) :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Poverty, the incipient state of every sick person, SUCKS!

It causes stress and that causes exacerbations.