Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy New Year, Part 2

This is the second in a series aimed at the newly diagnosed MSer. Remember? Part 1 was just directing the newbie to my fancy welcome post from the earliest age of the MS Companion. Regular visitors may feel some deja vu.


I mean this both ways. Stage as in steps and "stage" as in put on a show.

1--people do not understand the fatigue you face. Except maybe those with chronic obstructive lung disease (also in my family), who can't catch a breath and have to stop many times during any exertion. You do the work that shows first. Take it from me, an A Type cleaner. In my childhood, our house was spotless. I hate dirty house, and now I am often stuck in the home, unable to venture out.

Today is a good example. It is freezing out, and I know that the cold, biting wind will trigger an asthma spell. I am stuck in the house, and it is dirty. (So why are you posting, instead of cleaning???) Glad you asked. I am taking my first rest from cleaning. I will eat part of my breakfast, and post.

So far, I have cleaned counter tops, vacuumed the bedroom and bath, and started rubbing the stove with the Magic Eraser. This is visible stuff (Stage 1): people will see that I have cleaned. After this rest, I will vacuum and sweep the downstairs. I may also triage that, too, depending upon how tired I am. After all, I have to work tonight. There's always tomorrow.

And that is it. Which brings us to:

2--Nearly every job has a surface (effective) result and a deeper (well-done) result. Later this week I will tackle the deeper clean. I will vacuum-dust and wipe mirrors and windows. This is necessary because of the asthma, or maybe it wouldn't even get done. It is Stage 2. I won't put away the rest of the Christmas stuff. That is Stage 2 for weekend. I put away a few of the most visible Christmas last weekend for Stage 1.

I will not steam-clean carpets or clean the basement. If I didn't have Christmas to stow, they might be Stage 3.

Cheating? Cheap tricks? I hope so. It's gotten me through a decade of Relapsing-Remitting MS, including raising two daughters, while cleaning up after a gardener.

BTW, open the blinds and let in the light. Even on a gray day. Especially on a gray day. If you don't have to clean, dress warmly and take a short walk. With the dog. Or with a cane. Or with a friend or relative. Or take the car to a park to sit a bit. Seasonal Affective Disorder is rife right now in the colder climes. And it's worse for shut-ins. If you can get out at all, do so, even if you don't feel like it.

God Bless.

Little Pond


Have myelin? said...

Nice. I do the same. Top off cleaning, I call it. Deep cleaning is for when I decide.

Love your blog. I'll be back!

Miss Chris said...

I try to clean as little as possible meaning, just enough for the place to look clean. Deep cleaning has to wait until I'm in the mood.

Anonymous said...

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