Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sorry for the Blogging Blank.

Been rather down in the dumps, physically and emotionally. This is a very bad time of year, money-wise and I usually let it beat me up a bit. Then, after everyone around me is sick to death of my whining and crabbing, I straighten up and move on.

The latest? My lactose intolerance is under control. Yep, finally bought my first cartons of Lactaid milk. And my innards are thanking me. Not only that, but I can now have a glass of warm milk at night before bed. A hugely helpful sleeping aid, with the added benefit of extra calcium.

Bottom line: Getting a constant problem under control seems to clear up the skin, eases digestive troubles, and makes me less crampy, that is to say, less gassy.

Been getting some sunshine, too.

Makes for a happier, healthier HuggaMutt, too.

Little Pond

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