Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Heart Palpitations

Good Lord. Grow up.

My new video games, of all things, are responsible for a series of worrisome events.

I am trying to learn to play a shoot-em-up. Versus a role-playing game. MS makes this difficult. I can't think that fast, and I certainly can't react that fast.

But let's backtrack. I began having heart palpitations at odd times. Like when sleeping and eating or reading. My husband immediately blamed it on the games. Apparently, he stopped enjoying his combat simulators and flight simulators years ago for the same reason.

So why am I attempting to play games outside my preference? Because the story line from my favorite RPG is followed in the latest shooter by the same developers. And I want to watch the FMV or full motion videos that will emerge as I progress through the game.

Guess I'm going to need to delegate. I will hand the game (and a memory card) to someone else, and watch the resultant video clips when they are done. Real shootists can finish a game in less than two days, marathoning it in 48 (yes, that's straight through) hours.

And I can take leisurely walks with Ellie, instead.

Little Pond


mdmhvonpa said...

Say.... have you ever tried something like Civilization? My favorite addiction. Turn based and easy to get into.

Miss Chris said...

I've never been into the video game thing. Maybe it's because I was never good at them.

pb said...

mdmhvonpa, I play Final Fantasy, right now it's Final Fantasy XII, a visually rich and story-laden game. It doesn't give me heart palpitations.

miss chris, it's been my experience that when you find a video game genre that you like, you begin small and work your way up. For instance, I suck at shooters, and I find computer-based games tiring. Been playing since the early nineties. I began with the Legend of Zelda on Nintendo.

Charles-A. Rovira said...

I used to play DOOM and DOOM|| and then quake.

Because MS makes you hyper-reflexive, I was one tough hombre with the shoot-em-ups. :-)

Now, I'm trying to be one tough hombre with the podcasting. At least nobody gets shot anymore...