Saturday, March 24, 2007

Finally! (With update)

Back to tired lower legs. Maybe now the thighs will settle down.
Ellie and I went to the strand along the river, staying inside the city for a change. We caught the last little bit of sunshine. No more until sunday. I didn't even take this shot of opalescent sky on purpose.
Okay, I'm still spazzy. So sue me.
Update Sunday 1PM EDT: A terrible night with Restless Leg Syndrome keeping me busy and costing some four hours sleep total. Feeling a nap coming on soon, but the sun is making an appearance and Ellie and I want to visit the River.


Charles-A. Rovira said...

Well, its hard to get the clouds to pose isn't it? :-)

You may not have waited years to take the shot, but you recognized the beauty of that very moment.

Most award winning photography is made up of reality setting up the shots and the photographer being there at that very moment, camera in hand and ready.

A professional photographer has just consciously taken the path of always being "camera in hand and ready.

That is a beautiful moment, and a beautiful picture.

pb said...

Thank you.

Was it CS Lewis who said he pitied the person who stays home on an overcast day, because the mixtures of greys and white have their own special joy beauty?

pb said...

BTW, Charles has a wonderfully diverse site at

Every visit is something different!

Miss Chris said...

I wish you were feeling better. Those jelly legs sure are a pain, aren't they?!