Saturday, March 03, 2007

Quick Update

Yeah, my legs are still like jelly. When I walked with Ellie, the struggle to stay upright in the snow masked the problem. Now that she's returned to Golden Glow, I go out alone, using a walking stick to keep balance.

And my thighs are shaky and spazzing. Never had this problem before. Even now I can feel the twitching, while I'm typing. It's disturbing, and was even more so at work this week.

Monday night I will be alone and "in charge" at work. It's sort of a mini-vacation, if all goes well. The push and pull between the Ad Graphics and Composing Room is getting tiresome. The one tries to pile me with work to validate my presence (and thereby avoiding layoff, we hope) and the other wants to hang on, not losing the department to consolidation. I sympathize and appreciate both efforts, but it is wearying.

Lay me off, already. The overwork and idleness, push-me pull-you is getting on my nerves.

Little Pond


mdmhvonpa said...

Been there with the twitchy legs ... sorry to have you as company. In time, this too will pass.

Miss Chris said...

I've had the "jelly legs" too. Not fun, that's for sure.