Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I stopped posting for a very good reason.

Status unchanged. Still wobbly and still spazzing in the thighs.

Nothing much changed here, except a blizzard and the coming Spring.

Lately, I've been off in my fantasy world, being Josephine Lindorm. My snickering workmates finally read the stuff, and want to be part of it. Since there are three other gamers at work, I am incorporating them into a future chapter. They get to pick the character, the names, weapons, etc. It's all Final Fantasy, but a story outside the game.

In my fantasy, I am not only healthy, but self healing. I not only walk long distances, I float when things get hairy. Not only do I see perfectly, my eyes stream light during battle. Not stuck in the house all day, but instead travelling long distances alone.

Pathetic. It's what happens when geeks grow old.

Little Pond

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