Saturday, July 07, 2007

What I did with my summer vacation.

Hah! No vacation.

I worked the latest chapter to Angry Planet. Over and over and over again. I want to really collapse the story, and the abridgement is a lot of work.

But Husband RJ gave me a hand! We took over 18 shots of his arm holding a pillow for the pregnant body. Wound up using #1. HeeHee.

Then a lot of Photoshopping to add the mail vest, red cape and fantasy background. Et Voila!

Pregnant soldier being surprised by sneaky lover in the corral.

I tried using another hand, but RJ said the fingernails were a dead giveaway that it was a lady's hand, even though I had Photoshopped in some hairy knuckles. That's when I co-opted him for the next few minutes.

Worked pretty well, except he doesn't have hairy knuckles.

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