Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy Fourth!

Most of my blogs will be idle, except for a short greeting in Little Pond.

Weather permitting, we will climb the Oriental Chestnut and begin some tree surgery. Our neighbor hates trees, and has cleared his property of them. Except our chestnut.

We will also clear out limbs that hang over our back porch, something we do every year. The darned thing grows fronds in the summer, and they turn into chestnuts. But those fronds wreak havoc on our downspouts. On the upside, the chestnuts become "badger eggs" for Ellie to play with in the fall.

My Geo Tracker is still quiet, thank you. Muffler patch is a wonderful thing. As are those new resin ramps. A family friend was badly injured when his jack gave out during a repair, so I wouldn't even consider it.

Husband RJ is prominently featured in a composite photo that will post soon to Angry Planet. See if you can recognize him.

Stay safe.

Little Pond

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