Thursday, July 12, 2007

I was hoping to visit the Chemung River

without the HuggaMutt this week, but guess what? It ain't gonna happen. I need my little buddy to keep me honest. I will clean house instead.

Almost didn't visit the neuro yesterday. I can only see him M, W, F. I keep M and F open for resting, so W is it. That's a bad day for me. I like to visit my GolferGirl buddy in Corning on W. So I nearly forgot to go. They called on Tuesday.

We are increasing the Baclofen by one half tab per day. The goal is more sleep. This grandfatherly old fellow is a big believer in the ten per day sleep cycle. He's going to be sorely disappointed with me, though, because the best I can ever do, outside of an exacerbation, is about seven.

He was especially pleased to hear I dropped the bladder patch, although he seemed dubious about the "lost days" syndrome. I told him I had my coworkers to fill me in on what a riot I was to have around. They still ask me when I am going back on the patch, because I was so much fun. Too bad I can't remember enjoying myself.

Feeling a little tired, overworked at the paper. But the heat is done for a while and I am enjoying my Little Pond.

Little Pond

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Stephen said...

boy, "ten per day" would be great!