Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Over the Hump Day

In one of the worst weeks of my tenure at the paper.

Working both day and night allows me to enjoy the headaches from both shifts. I hate it.

Advertising and Production had always had a sort of adversarial relationship, and to be caught in the middle is miserable. My allegiance must be to the job at hand, but then I still must face the night boss when he comes in. I hate it.

Our computers are tied into the local production network, and it is awful to watch things clog up and slow down, just when I really need to find enough closure to go home. Half hour of overtime last night, one hour tonight. I dread tomorrow night, when I will probably not get home by midnight. I hate it.

Two nights left, but likely the worst of the week. I hate it.

But next week is my week off.

Love it.

Little Pond



Yeeew...Work really interfers with our lives, doesn't it?!? I hate that part of being an adult...seriously. But I DO love those paychecks whether I deserve them or not! LOL

Linda D. in Seattle

mdmhvonpa said...

So sorry ... my brother who works at a printing facility in the Ithaca area cites similar conflicts. What is it with Hard Copy and unhappy workers!?

pb said...

All the bad karma from killing all those trees?