Friday, August 17, 2007

Weird Work Week

Finally Friday. Thought it would never arrive. Looking forward to a very hard, very long day.

At this point the new hours are settling in, just in time to change them back to normal. Getting about 7 hours sleep a day, although last night I was exhausted enough to sleep 9.

Tiredness is on my face. I know because everyone says so. Also, my emotions are all screwed up. My younger daughter is having money troubles at the bank, with overdraughts, etc. Made me cry yesterday over it. On top of that, paranoia is the word of the day. Is my tiredness making me grumpy enough to get me into trouble with the bosses? Are they all talking about me behind closed doors? Are coworkers complaining about me? Do I look like I'm sleeping at the computer?

Or even worse: Am I really doing a bang-up job and they'll want me to work these hours permanently? Good Grief!!!

Today I decided not to do any housework before going to work. I thought it would feel sort of like a morning off, but it's not. Am barely holding my head erect, and whilst looking down, I can see all the dirt that needs cleaning.

And I miss the HuggaMutt and the Chemung River and grocery shopping with my firstborn, and...

Whoops. Crying again.

Little Pond

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Sounds like you need a big ol' prescription of "DAMITOL"...cause, dayum it all, that sucks!

May your world soon settle back into its peaceful hum of normal hysteria...the kind we MSers are at least USED to.

Linda D. in Seattle