Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Misty Morning on the Chemung

I can walk only about one hour before I need to return home to rest. That doesn't stop me from throwing my dachshund/terrier mix into the car and heading to the strand of land down by the river.

We are rarely alone, and today was no different, but we still found plenty of solitude.

And a few good pictures.

Little Pond


Miss Chris said...

Those pics look so refreshing. I'm waiting rather impatiently for Fall to set in here. I've had it with this heat. Enough's enough. I want to get outside.

mdmhvonpa said...

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the Autumn season?

Stephen said...

thanx for the pix!

pb said...

Ms. Chris, we need only wait a few for the weather to change out here in Upstate New York. A few of the less hardy are already looking for "Indian Summer." That doesn't usually show up until mid October.

mdmhvonpa, still that golden/green scene we experience on the cusp. They tell me the hills are turning pretty, though.

stephen, we will present a whole new set of RiverDogging photos soon, as we begin to explore the southside of the inner city Chemung. A portion I accidentally "found" when I was scouting a new place for Ellie's outings.


For some weird reason, Igoogle stopped alerting me to your new posts! I thought you'd just grown "silent" for a bit...should have known better and just manually checked your site! OK, I'm back here now...I'm sure you've been holding your breath awaiting my comments. LMAO

Linda D. in Seattle

pb said...

Welcome back, Linda.

I will probably never grow silent. Just a little tired.