Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Can't believe it's been over a week.

But Linda D. of BrainCheese (came through my email notification of blog comments) says she thought I had "grown silent."

Imagine me, silent!

Actually, working six nights a week does seem to have an effect. Why, HuggaMutt's been gone for days, and I still don't have time to miss her. In fact, I dreamed about the cats last night, but no Ellie.

Well, we've got a weekend replacement in training. Just no new people. His job will be secure.

Plus both my immediate superior, GF, and I are resigned to a probable layoff by Christmas. Should brighten up the holidays... We are readying things for the elimination of the night shift.

Sort of like when I preplanned my own funeral. Only not as entertaining.

Little Pond



OK, the REAL truth is I was worried you were DEAD! LOL But good news...iGoogle "alerted" me to this post, so maybe she's working again?

Your job sounds far more stressful than mine, sorry to say. **Virtual hug**

Linda D. in Seattle, WA

mdmhvonpa said...

Dreaming of cats. I'm certain that means nothing good!