Sunday, October 14, 2007

Can't even tell you how long it's been

but I do know that I'm tired:

Too many 6-day weeks and too much anxiety are taking their toll. Feels like another bladder infection. Been up only three hours and ready for a nap. Work tonight starts at 4pm.

My immediate boss still expects the ax to fall. He believes that his changeover to hourly wage presages a more convenient layoff for Gannett.

Gotta say, though, our wages can't amount to much, even combined. The only bad thing would be that the need for using entry-level workers...

They will need to keep one of us. After all, our night workers are famous for the need to call one of us at home. Often. Very, very often. Our department head has no experience in our workings. My boss and I are it.

Well, once they are trained, then what? After all, if they blanch at the thought of paying our overtime, then they would prefer to pay an entry-level employee.

And next week the red flag will probably fly when they have to pay me a 7-day week. My boss will be on vacation. Reverse and repeat sometime in November for my week off, only will our hireling working the overtime, while my boss assumes most of my duties.

After that, all bets are off.

Little Pond



So sorry you are struggling with these work issues AND your MS...if it's any consolation, I DO feel your pain. But then again, I suppose that just makes TWO of us miserable with MS now, doesn't it?!? LOL

Linda D. in Seattle

pb said...

Isn't it striking how many of us are now battling fatigue?

The end of summer always does that for me.

Fortunately, by now I am smart enough to cancel any special plans for the Holidays.

November will bring a week's rest and a low-keyed Thanksgiving for me.

Thanks for caring.

Little Pond