Thursday, October 04, 2007

Stiffer and Fatter

When I'm nervous and unhappy, I eat. What with all the trouble at work and a recent bout of bad brakes on the Geo, we are now heavier than Husband RJ.

The two of us were harboring some sort of virus for about three weeks, during which we spent a great deal of time scoping out restrooms, county-wide. Now RJ is nearly the weight he was when we two tiny young-folk wed. I most assuredly am not.

Except for a rather nasty paunch, I look okay, but feel terrible.

Things are going, little by little, to worse at the paper. Three people gone from nights, replace by a worker who will give us fifteen hours. Not really enough time to properly train him over the next month. Looks like I'll be getting a lot of phone calls when he has to fly solo...

A shirt I regularly wear was cutting off the circulation in my arms last night. It's time to pare back. Again.

Monday I walked (using my monopod camera support as a walking stick) from the auto repair shop back home. Taking my time and snapping pictures along the way, it took about an hour to go thirteen blocks. Unfortunately, although rather fortuitously, I stopped to shop for hiking boots. They were marked down to about $70, and were very heavy.

By the time I got home, my neck was sore and stiff from supporting the camera. My body still aches from walking all off-kilter, carrying the shoes. A monopod (Sunpak) is rather fragile, and does not make a good walking stick. And the sidewalks are very bad in Elmira.

On the upside, I've slept very well the past three nights. I will clean the house today and maybe that will ensure a decent nap, too.

Little Pond


mdmhvonpa said...

Perhaps a different walking support is in order. Those aluminum jobs are not entirely weight tolerant ... especially the telescoping ones. The NE is particularly atrocious with sidewalks due to heaving in the spring and fall freeze/thaw cycles ... take care not to step on a crack!


I am always assured a POWERFUL nap if I lie down to AVOID house cleaning...otherwise, can't nap worth a darn!

I feel your pain re: work issues. They truly suck. Hang in there all the same...

Linda D. in Seattle

Stephen said...

eating- one of my favorite passtimes. i quit smoking, i don't drink, don't do a lot of things i used to do, and now my docs tell me i shouldn't eat either. tell me that losing 10 or 20 (or 30) lbs. would do wonders for my fatigue. giving up eating is that hardest thing i've ever done.