Monday, October 08, 2007


We can finally expect some relief for all the overtime worked.

Frankly, the extra pay isn't real compensation for the damage to my health. Extra money just goes into the big black hole that comprises our "budget," and the extra
work leaves me exhausted, unable to sleep without having nightmares, full of twitches and neuralgia, and craving some relaxation.

My house is dirty and dusty, smells musty, and needs a thorough scrubbing. Even the mirrors have a coat of dust on them. Gardener/husband RJ is beginning to track really mucky earth back and forth, and leaves are sticking to everyone's shoes.

You know what smooshed up leaves look like on the bottom of a shoe? Guess, keeping in mind that we have part-time custody of a dog.

But we need rest over all.

Happily, rest is forthcoming.

Little Pond

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You take that "rest" any way you can get it is my motto! Yeah, OT sucks big time...if I ever WANTED to work that much, it would be different. But there IS sometimes no amount of pay worth the effort.

Glad to hear you are at least surviving...

Linda D. in Seattle