Sunday, September 07, 2008

Fine Print

Somehow, during my week off from work I managed to get an awfully painful stiff neck. Today I am better, but yesterday I slept as much as I could. The rest of the time I watched TV.

My neck was so stiff I simply propped myself up on the sofa with my neck in a homemade splint comprised of pillows and a corn-filled heating pad. Only my eyes could move.

You know, I never realized how little attention I paid to small print. Disclaimers, mostly.
  • The Gary Coleman, Cash Now commercial: the APR is 99.25%!!!
  • Campbell's Soup, supposedly free of MSG-related additives: yeast extract (just as poisonous as pure) monosodium glutamate to many of us.
  • A local used car dealer styles himself as "The Loan Arranger" complete with starry glint in his eye: anyone can get a loan because they lend at subprime rates, just like the banks that are failing all over the US.
All of which sort of turns my stomach. I was happier not knowing.

My neck is better to day; no small print if I watch tonight.

It's the end of week one without my Copaxone shots. I sent in a written prescription about 10 days ago. Usually Curascript is all over me like hair on a yeti, with phone calls and emails.

Little Pond


Denver Refashionista said...

I'm glad the neck is better. I have been there and those really suck.

You are right about the fine print (lol).

Miss Chris said...

Daytime commercials are enough to make the sanest person a bit batty. I particularly hate trade school commercials. There are a host of others that drive me nuts but we have a furniture store here in Phoenix that shows an ad about their interest rate and the fine print (you need a microscope to see it) takes up the entire tv screen!

Tracy said...

I just found your blog and thought I'd leave a comment. I'm newly diagnosed with MS, six months now, and I just wanted to say thanks for writing your blog about MS and putting the other links up.
Sometimes it's just nice to know when you're not alone.
Hope your neck feels better!

pb said...

I found solace among my online friends. See the links below.

Neck is better; it was a two day thing, most likely caused by the strange positions needed to paint around the range hood.

Weeble Girl said...


I just found you through Curiouser and Curiouser's blog. I'm also a central NYer with MS.

I'd like to add you to my blog roll, so I hope that's okay with you. Nice to "see" someone from my neck of the woods online in cyber land.

Yeah, the small print usually does stink, ergo the small print that most of us don't read. Sneaky devils, aren't they?

from Messy Stuff: A life with MS and other ramblings.


"Like hair on a yeti"??? Even in neck pain, your humor in example remains in tact...which IS, by the way, what I like about YOU!

Be well...

Linda D. in SEattle