Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cloudy, cloudy, cloudy

Our legacy from Ike.

HuggaMutt doesn't mind, and neither do I. The clouds keep the temperature steady. Less energy spent on air conditioning.

Downsides? Bland, flat photos when hiking. Suffocating conditions at work: we have heat but no cooling; day crew insists on leaving the door open to the loading dock, making it muggy.

Makes no difference at home: Husband RJ and I are always opposites; he makes it too cold with the a/c and too hot with the heater.

Other than that, though, we are okay with the current weather.

Broke the pod yet again! Always on the original metal tubing. Back into my workshop for tweaking. It's shorter, but at least it's fixed. The oak never breaks, just the tubing.

I love my camera pod/walking stick.

Little Pond

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