Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hurray for Flovent!

My refill arrived today, and was received with great fanfare and due ceremony. Tonight I hope to enjoy a full 7-8 hours sleep, especially since I must work Sunday evening at the paper.

Without the asthma medicine, I choke whenever anything touches my throat in the night. That would include my pillow, hands or even the sheets. My passages are that swollen. I dream about suffocating, because I sleep on my back most of the time, trying to avoid lying on my arm.

Due to an unfortunate confluence of circumstances, stints at the paper have been awful: we're down a worker during the LPGA Corning Classic. So, at a time when there is probably a quarter again more duties than usual, we are missing a key player and must fill in for her. We are racking up overtime and will work an extra night Sunday on top of it all.

But the torture is nearly over, as the Classic will end, and we managed to survive a
grueling ordeal. Tempers flared, asthma attacks were the rule, overloaded nervous systems spazzed and incontinence reigned supreme, but my world will settle down soon.

We hope.

( And I don't want to forget that I promised further developments on the camera pod front. Happy to report that 5/8" (1.5 cm) oak doweling fits the bill nicely.)

Little Pond



Ah, BREATHING! Such a luxury sometimes...glad to hear YOUR breathing is stabilizing...

Linda D. in Seattle

mdmhvonpa said...

Kinda makes you wish for the winter months, eh?

pb said...

Let's not wish away the summer. Winter leaves me stiff with arthritis, and these cooler mornings are reminiscent of that.

I hope to get things in sync soon, but right now one problem tweaks along another. Looks like another infection growing.

But where? UTI? Fever? Sinuses?
I can't tell.