Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Back in whack

So here's the p00p:

Yesterday I noticed that I had inadvertently stopped taking the Potassium supplements need to counteract the diurected needed to regulate my blood pressure. (That was a trip!)

And today I can already see better and am much more awake. My blood pressure is normal and I ran right through the morning paper, the sudoku and the crossword. Admittedly, those are the easier versions that get harder as the week wears on.

Unfortunately, I still wobble. A lot.

Aetna tells me I am covered until March 28th. At the same time, they requested the dates for 1: the MRI, 2: the bladder tests, and 3: the next neuro visit. A quick trip to Arnot Health Services (neuro) verified that the next visit is April 26th. The two scans/tests are not yet set, because our insurance requires pre-approval.

Where does that leave me? Assuming the tests are approved, we should be then covered until the neuro visit in later April.

I assume nothing.

Am I ready to return to work?

I would say "yes" if I were working here in Elmira. A resounding "no" if I must go to Binghamton. For the first time in a year, I am getting about 8-9 hours of sleep, albeit interrupted by trips to the bathroom. And that includes a short nap at midday.

The bottom line is this: if I am not covered by Aetna, I will definitely return to work on the 29th of March, even if I must return to Binghamton. We are only one paycheck away from financial disaster--the crash and subsequent Bank shenanigans have guranteed that. I had been merrily paying down and eliminating bills before then. Then one after another, they ground to a near halt, as the interest rates rose to unimaginable levels, at least for someone who never missed a payment, had an excellent rating, etc.

It doesn't take a neurologist to figure out what triggered this last exacerbation. Eleven hour days of commuting and working await me, but my job is in Binghamton, and they are holding for me. And the bills still need to be paid.

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