Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Normal" MRI

Don't want to say too much about the MRI results just yet, because the neuro hasn't seen them; he's still in Mexico.

"There are 2 punctate foci of high signal in the left frontal perventricular
white matter on the FLAIR sequence of doubtful significance, and there is
asymmetry in CSF space about the IACs left larger than right, a normal

Whatever that means. So you can see I really need to discuss it with the neuro. Anyway, at best this means that there was no new damage! At worst: I would have to go in for another MRI. Pray it's the first, please.

So lets see where I stand:

Two calls and two letters from Aetna, and I am still scheduled to return to work the 29th. Fine, I guess, although my neuro, if he were able to be reached, would probably not like that at all, since he prescribes three months at home.

Papers were not sent to Aetna with the doctor's orders until last Friday. See post below. The doctor's orders are faxed, but nothing from Aetna.

I called the uro only to find that "no tests, no appointments" is the report from them. This was puzzling, since I know he told me we would have some sort of followup. I said as much and thanked the person. Less than an hour later I get a frantic message on the machine that I should call back immediately.

Figures. Of course there are not only tests, but followup appointments and more tests, enough to fill next week with a lot of running around.

Of course. Wonder if I will be hearing of their firing soon, too?

So this morning I called Aetna yet again and told them I have a whole week of appointments scheduled and really can't go back to work yet. I am now in Farmville, rearranging my crops and livestock, while waiting for the inevitable callback.

You know, I would heal an awful lot faster if I weren't always so knotted up in nerves over whatever paperwork wasn't getting done by whoever. Many times I have had to do all the running, faxing, and calling myself.

Another thing: I am a very conscientious worker who not only gets work done, but has the courtesy to follow up immediately with whomever I promised the work. I see none of this in any of these offices.

Doesn't anyone do their job well anymore?

Little Pond

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MS does not have me! said...

With all the impersonalization of our nation NO ONE is accountable for any specific job anymore. They say things like 'my system hasn't updated to include your info yet' or 'my computer is down so please call back later'. What happened to 'let me find out for you and get back to you' or 'my system isn't updated let me do it now'. I feel your pain!