Friday, December 10, 2010

Just had to go up, one more time.

Everything was already decorated, but I wanted to give some old stocking hangers to my daughter.  I found them in the attic, alongside  a box of Christmas angels.  Had just promised myself I wouldn't put up any more stuff, but I couldn't resist.

Instead of a simple bag of stocking hangers, I descended the ladder carrying a small box with the bag of hangers, an angel ornament, and my Holy Family tree topper.

Don't know how I did it, but that little box caused me to trip on the attic pull-down ladder.  In a split second, I knew it was either the box or me.  One or the other would have to crash.  I let go of the box and grabbed for the stairs' mechanism.  Crash went the box, and I don't quite remember what happened to me.

I now have a huge, scraping bruise on my left leg, some strange achiness around my right ankle, and a certain amount of skin off both hands.  I can hardly move today, and my limp is worse than ever.  Fortunately, with the MS, I don't really have much pain.

Worst of all:  two stocking hangers broken beyond repair, and Baby Jesus flung out of his mother's arms, and she out of St. Joseph's embrace.  Baby Jesus is missing a hand, and Mary will need to be reglued.  Only the angel ornament survived the wreck unscathed.

Wasn't really worth the trip.

Little Pond

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