Saturday, December 25, 2010

Something is wrong.

You know, if I had real feeling in my body, I would almost guess some sort of UTI.  But I used those little orange pills and get no relief.  Is it my left kidney?  Can't be a left ovary, because that's been gone for years.

This is a weird pain in my lower back.  Enough pain to make me writhe if I need to bend over for anything.  Pain anywhere below the belt is odd.  This is not a Multiple Sclerosis thing at all.  It's almost comical, the way I trigger it, just to have some sort of feeling below the belly button.  Or actually right about at belly button level, only in the back.

It's even warm in just one teensy spot on my back, and there's no knot for the muscles.  Fascinating.

(Only an MSer could play with pain out of sheer enjoyment.  I HAVE PAIN.  YIPPEE!)

I will call my family practitioner Monday morning.


Little Pond

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