Monday, April 11, 2011

Informal update

At this time last year, it was just beginning to dawn on me that I was disabled.  I could not remember much about the past winter, especially Christmas of 2009, and I was frantically trying to get a grasp of my situation.

Now I do know that I did NOT have an exasperation.  The MRI showed no new damage.

What I did, and still do, have is a worsening of the symptoms.  I am now more tired than ever, although I am  working out as much as possible.  I walk with my daughter on the sidewalks near home, and every week I take her and the two dachshunds to the river for a leash-less visit.

Most of the feeling is back in my hands and legs, but heaviness is the rule, and not the exception.  I sleep eight hours a night and two more at noon.

I am taking very good care of myself, and am being treated for depression.  I know me:  I will adjust and I will come back.

But I cannot yet predict a return to work.

Little Pond

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