Thursday, April 21, 2011



This week my Recovery training finally kicked in.

I had not recognized my doctor's use of the term "resisting" when he diagnosed the depression.  It simply irked me that my neuro and my family practitioner had consulted "behind my back."

Classic "fearful temper."  And my decision not to attend any sort of therapy:  classic "sabotage."  It is not up to me to diagnose and reject the professional's prescription.

I have returned to my training and am re-reading the three books I acquired over the years.  If necessary, the website offers an updated bibliography.

My next doctor's visit will be in two weeks, I will discuss what happened with him.  If he still decides I need therapy, it is my job to follow through, one way or another.

And my last post?   Anyone trained in Recovery will recognize the sabotage and the resulting physical symptoms.  Most of them have abated.

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