Saturday, April 16, 2011


Either the Zoloft is working, or my daily walks with VeggiGirl are brightening up my day.

Still have uncontrollable shakes, and the sprain is intermittent and echoing at my hips.  I assume the pains in my hips are connected to some sort of compensatory body adjustment.  Still, I am determined to keep at the exercise, and a walking cane is mandatory for any foray from the house.

It's almost comical to witness and discuss my MIL's walking problems.  She claims she doesn't need a cane, but insists that the only problem is her balance.  Well, duh.  Same here. 

VeggiGirl suggests I use a walker in the winter, but frankly, that seems a bit extreme.  If the cane went out from under me, why wouldn't a walker do the same?  It's time to recognize that icy roads and sidewalks are a bit more dangerous for a woman with osteopenia.  My "sprained" finger still hurts, and hurts even more during exercise.  And it's interesting to note the discomfort I feel during the back stretching routine.

Oh, well.   I will do "as much as I can for as long as I can."  It's always worked in the past.

Little Pond


Have Myelin? said...

a hip "sprain"? i was trying to explain what was wrong with my hip... it's out of pocket, lol.

and hello. =)

pb said...

Hello yourself!

Seems like zoloft is beginning to return me to my old self. I even have my little doxie Ellie for one night a week again.