Wednesday, June 06, 2012

My knees make a crunching sound?

So I now do yoga every day, to ease lower back pain.  I look pretty fit, and I definitely feel better on days I do those stretches.

So naturally there has to be a downside.  Living with MS, I've learned to expect them. 

How can there be a downside to yoga?

Well, the stretching is designed to work the lower back muscles, and it manages it very well, by making me more flexible.  Furthermore, it teaches me to use other muscles to make up for the loss of the strength in the lower back.

I now have little baby abs I haven't had since before my kids were born.  So naturally, there is no longer any place there to shoot the copaxone.  MY FAT WAS MY FRIEND.  Say with with me all you self-injectors:  My fat is my friend.  No fat means not much subcutaneous flexibility.

Beta bruises are common for those who shoot Beta Seron.  But copaxone has never bruised me before.  I've accidentally shot a blood vessel and gotten a quick, but disconcerting, rush.  But bruises are beginning to show on my belly and, well, forget the legs.  The rubbing from the jeans put a quick end to that experiment.

All right, I can live with the bruises.  I have tons of them anyway, just from being an MS spaz.

So What the Hell is this crunching sound in my knees during stretches?  Listen, I've had a crunching sound in my kneck for at least a decade, but I never had to listen to my knees.

I will be seeing my Neuro soon, and will ask her about it.  Too late to talk to the Family Practitioner; another of my doctors has bowed out of practice.

Any guesses, out there?  Bet yet, any solutions?

Little Pond

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