Monday, April 14, 2014

Home remedy for MS?

Is it just me, or is everyone losing their hearing and sight?  What I mean is, can we have had such a looooong winter that we are all more than one year older this Spring?

Oh, I know all about the grief thing, but keep in mind that we had a very, very bad year.  I knew Mom and Dad were losing their grip on life.

It seems that the hearing is worse.  I know that the sight is going.  The MS is acting up again;  I will need to lose weight to regain function.

And, I have learned that gray hairs are kinkier than my old brunette ones.  I now use Vitamin E and Cocoanut Oil to condition and mousse.  By the way, cocoanut oil is an excellent  all purpose moisturizer.  On the other hand, it's pretty expensive, but not more than any other conditioner.  For my hair, I just use a couple drops of E and about a half-teaspoon of cocoanut oil and rub them together.  Keeps my skin clearer than any skin cream too.

Now if only I could find a home remedy for the hearing and sight.

Little Pond

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