Sunday, January 29, 2006

For the Record

Need to go on record that I've dropped some of my meds. The insurance won't pay enough to justify incomplete therapy. One is Sanctura for incontinence. Never worked well and required fasting, before and after. And I still needed protection. Been off for days and things are pretty much the same. Except for one thing: constipation is gone. What's up with that? It was the same for Detrol--the main reason I quit it, too. Out with them both! A $50 per month copay is too much for something that works only sometimes.

Nexium is next. I'd run out of Nexium and worried about relapsing. Last time I did, I was good and sick. And had damage to prove it. So I took Prilosec OTC to bridge the gap to payday. About four days. And it began to dawn on me that I felt fine. So I could pay $50 for one month of Nexium, or I could buy a 42 day supply of Prilosec OTC for less than $25. And I've returned to making and eating chili! Hah!

Only thing I miss is the slight--what is it?--relaxation I got from the Sanctura. Was it a muscle relaxant?

Oh, yeah, and my GP may not be happy with my self-prescription. Sanctura is not his worry. But the Nexium is. Lord, I hate having so many doctors. Only three and they are way too many. By the way, my newest doctor, the neurologist, has left the practice. Heh. Didn't much like him anyhow.

So now I have a nurse practitioner for OBGYN, a nurse practitioner for Neuro, and a GP. I'm up for it. Let's see if they are.

Update: Jan 30. Ms. Susan Walker and I got along well. Though I probably talked her ear off. We will experiment with no drug, maybe Detrol again, then maybe Ditropan. She also sees some deterioration, but I am less brittle about it with her. May never be normal, but I'll always be the same me. That "me" is somewhat grumpy about blunt pronouncements, sometimes.

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

I think you're smart to take control of your prescriptions and decide what works for you and what doesn't.

Go to and look up information about your prescriptions. I just looked up Sanctura and it is a muscle relaxant and causes constipation.

Last January I underwent some treatment for iron deficiency that ended up causing me to have a serious reaction to the medication. I did my own research on the subject and decided to try something totally non-prescription. I informed my doctor because she had no other alternatives and said that what I want to do was fine with her. (I would've done it anyways.) It worked better then anything ever prescribed for my problem. It's a food based iron supplement called Blood Builder and it did such a good job on restoring the iron in my blood that my doctor thought I had had a blood transfusion when I saw her six months later.

I don't think doctors know as much as they make us think they do.

pb said...

Until a doctor's guess is proven right, I don't think they are more knowlegeable than anybody else. That may be unfair to my doctor, but after fifty years, I think I know more about my body than any one person.