Sunday, May 28, 2006

A Long, Long Post

Today was unbelievably special for me. Almost serendipitously, I was given a pass to the LPGA by a coworker who knew I wanted one. Thanks Jen; you made my weekend.

I wasn't going to attend. The twenty-dollar fee seems reasonable, until you realize that I probably could not stay for more than one hour. But two lovely occurrences came together Sunday: Jen and Calli wanted me along, and GolferGirl was manning a booth in the exhibition tent. It was a wonderful, long, long day!

After church and some very successful "dog whispering" with Ellie, a quick change into denim skirt and comfortable clogs, I hopped in the Tracker and roared off to the Corning Country Club for the Corning Classic. While in the queue waiting for parking, I called Jen and Calli, and Kris. My two younger buddies were just making breakfast, but Kris was manning the First Tee exhibit. I could visit with her, then tour with them when they arrived.

First snag hit immediately: no handicapped parking. In fact, all parking was full. No parking, no classic for me; I turned the car for home. The attendant looked stricken and radioed, and then stepped in front of the Tracker! They would find parking for me. It took some walking, but I was given a spot not so very far from the HP section. Briefly, I wished I had my walking stick, but how would I manage the camera? That would not have been a problem, as I later learned.


Karen of Scottsdale said...

I'm so glad you went. Sometimes it's worth it to get a bit overtired. The pictures were great!

Shelly said...

Sounds exiting, glad you got to attend

Miss Chris said...

I'm glad you are not leary of attending these types of events because of your m.s. I sometimes feel a little afraid to go to Disneyland or wherever because I think of what problems may arise if I get an attack or what if I can't keep up with everybody. I'm happy to say though that I never shy away (even though I may want to on the inside) and am always glad I did it.