Saturday, February 03, 2007



Name a famous black MSer.

Now go to Little Pond for BHM entry of the weekend.

Little Pond

Need Help from Game Geeks!!!

We have an old copy of Torin's Passage, that was a favorite of my daughters when they were little. It will not play on any computer or console, now.

I assume we need some sort of simulator. Help, anyone?

Leave a comment and I will answer.


Anonymous said...

richard pryor
lola folana
barbara jordan
montel williams

pb said...

I didn't know about Lola Folana. When I was first diagnosed, the articles and my doctor insisted that the MS profile indicated White Anglo-Saxon northerners mostly got it.

Probably the Afro Americans simply were not being diagnosed. Actually not many people were dianosed. I suspect that my Grammy had it, too.