Monday, February 05, 2007

Going on six days

beyond my prescription. I saved one for a couple days and used it Saturday, but essentially I've been out of Copaxone six days now.
  • Fatigue replaces being tired.
  • My neck is extremely sore and stiff.
  • The numbness is climbing up my legs, as it does during an exacerbation.
  • I've lost my sense of balance, and must use a cane, and not a walking stick, to steady myself, even around the house
  • The ring of tingly numbness around my eyes is making a reappearance.
What was I writing about?

Oh, yes. The lack of Copaxone.
  • My memory has gone straight to hell.
I guess this is an endorsement of Copaxone. They should get it in by tomorrow.

Little Pond


Have myelin? said...

It's good to hear an endorsement for Copaxone even under these trying circumstances.

So sorry you're out. What a pickle of a situation!

mdmhvonpa said...

This is wrong on just so many levels. I certainly hope that this situation does not continue.

pb said...

Ahhhhhhhh. Just got my shot.

Way more work, and way too many people involved for my tastes.

We will order online from now on and have it delivered to the house.

Miss Chris said...

I wish Copaxone had worked fo rme but, since I've been off it I feel okay.