Thursday, June 21, 2007

Five days of misery

...were capped by a call from my family practitioner. He'd gotten the results of my latest specimen. As I expected, there is still a significant UTI. No blood, though, and that's nice.

But a full night's sleep would be an awfully good thing. I'd been on a sulfur (sulfa?) drug, and it didn't do the trick. Now I'm on Cipro, or its generic equivalent, starting yesterday morning.

Slept better last night, and even fell back asleep this morning for an extra 15 minutes. I paired it with Uristat, because I was so uncomfortable.

Except for a crazy nightmare about Shaquille O'Neal, a middle school and a spear, all played out like a video game, I'm fine. In the dream I just knew I needed either a one-up mushroom or the plus-one shirt a coworker owns. Then I would have won hands down.

Is this because I haven't played a video game in weeks? Or because I am starting the third book in my Dragon Lady Jo trilogy?

Or maybe it's just the infection.

Little Pond


mdmhvonpa said...

I'm laying my bets on the infection having a hand in your nocturnal creations. Yeesh!

Miss Chris said...

Interesting dream! It sounds as bizarre as mine usually are.