Friday, June 15, 2007

Holy Moley

Just the worst infection I ever had.

When the doctor asked if I gave a specimen, I told him it looked like I drew blood instead. He gave me the antipyretic and told me it would turn the urine orange. Then he stopped and said, "Well, in your case not orange, but I don't know what color." I suggested "coral."

Very, very sudden. Medico thought to chalk it up to the catheters. Maybe so, but it is the first UTI in nine months.

No pain, no burning, thanks to the MS. Just an incredible urge to go all the time, coupled with the total inability once in a restroom. Add to that sudden incontinence at any given minute, and I took the night off from work. It was about three hours before I felt any relief. And a few hours after that, I was back to the earlier symptoms.

Chills and sweats this morning. Hope to go to work tonight.

Little Pond


mdmhvonpa said...

At first, all I could think is TMI! ... But then OUCH seemed to fit better. Hope you are mending well.

pb said...

Mending fine, thanks. Back to work at the paper. Still no air conditioning, but the outside is much cooler than last week.

Worst problem is the UTI keeping me busy. Thanks for your concern.

Stephen said...

i get the urge, which i chalk up to the fact that i drink water all day long. some inability to "perform," but no incontinence yet. i do keep a change of drawers in the car tho.,