Sunday, June 24, 2007

Jury Duty in Little Pond

A summons, anyway. Last time I was really too sick, practically even to work.

The rules have all been rewritten to enlarge the jury pool. All sorts of allowances are being made for illness and disability. They even allow food for diabetics!

I have one week to prepare an excuse. Otherwise I report Monday the 9th of July.

Funny, this time around I'm rather resigned to it. It will cost me vacation days, because Gannett does not make any allowances for night workers.

One thing has just occurred to me. The fact that I must proof news pages for transmission may disqualify me. But I hear they are getting desperate. The local pool is especially bereft of literate candidates.

Guess that's normal for a town like ours. Elmira Correctional Facility and Southport Maximum Security Prison make us a Company town.

Little Pond

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