Saturday, June 02, 2007

Update at the Star Gazette

Just as predicted, we are preparing for another round of layoffs. This will be Number Three. They always come in threes.

We got a call to go downstairs and meet Someone. Had to be Corporate. We stood or sat around a table, and introduced ourselves to the Consolidation Coordinator and the new HR person. That translated to the Axeman and his Assistant.

Axeman handed out papers and began to explain that naturally we will downsize, naturally we will outsource, naturally we will suffer layoffs. All very PC, of course.

Assistant explained that they were "over-informing" us. It was easy to link the "over-information" to the Night of the Long Knives last Fall, when hardworking, loyal, longtime employees cleared out their desks and were escorted to the door with no notice whatsoever. My guess is there were either lawsuits or the bosses were called before the Labor Board.

A and A also told us that Boss is no longer our boss. He was only temporary. Then they dismissed us so we could read our papers and learn all about being laid off.

But wait! No Longer Boss asked us to listen a minute: This was all going to be very Good for Gannett. We should not quit our jobs until they were ready to fire us. Keep in mind that this was going to be Good for Gannett.

Some of our jobs will be outsourced to Johnson City, New York. Some will be outsourced to Ithaca, New York. Some will be outsourced to California. And finally, some will go offshore, e.i. India.

No joke. We looked it up on the Corporate Site. Gannett is a proud employer or subcontractor of boiler rooms and chop shops in India.

We are promised a handbook that tells us how to look for a new job. Any survivors will have to take what is given them.

Frankly, nothing new, except the addition of India.

Little Pond


mdmhvonpa said...

Ithaca and JC? Hrmmm, not for any potential labor savings. Is a commute in your future?

pb said...

They made it plain that they've already "optimized" the workforce in those places.

No. The intent was to let us know that it was time to begin paring away at the force here at the Star-Gazette.

We had expected some of our more laid back editors to move there, but suddenly they got an awful lot of gumption going. We suspect they recently had THEIR meeting, too.