Friday, May 02, 2008

I've been walking Elmira all week. Update.

The rainy days found me rambling around the neighborhoods. The sunny, drier days afforded a few photo ops by the river. See River Hag.
So this vacation has been a good opportunity to exercise and eat right.

My daughters visited often and we ate out a couple of times, mostly vegetarian. After faithfully watching BBCAM's You Are What You EAT for the last several weeks, I now have a few decent recipes and a fair stock of the proper veggies, fruits, seed, etc. I doubt I am losing weight, but I am certainly sleeping very well. A very rare treat for me.

A side effect of the flu season, and that awful virus, happened to claim chocolate as a casualty. I ate a chocolate pudding one night and vomited it for three hours straight. No more chocolate for me. My stomach can no longer tolerate it. Well, maybe later when I straighten things out a bit.

So, net result of vacation: Dining room redone with Wallies covering the nasty spots scratched by the cats. A new Sauder corner desk for the computer stuff. Nothing fancy, just affordable. Winter stuff cleaned and stored, clothing, car scrapers, etc. A very few layering pieces to wear to work. And I hope for an easy inspection of the Geo on Friday morning. Some trepidation there, what with the rustiness and all.

Hah! Passed! 5/1/8. Keep in mind that the Miller Lite repairs the pipe connecting the resonator to the muffler, and is all properly sealed to prevent any exhaust escape. The Red Bull is merely the connection from muffler to tail pipe and has passed even without repair. Go here to see the beer can repairs.

That's enough for one week.

Little Pond


mdmhvonpa said...

All that durned salt they throw about on the roads isn't helping the car much, eh?

pb said...

mdmhvonpa, doesn't Pennsylvania inspection have a no surface rust requirement? Or so I'm told by Northern Tier residents.

Even the silly red patches all over my poor Flipper would probably pass that.


Heh heh...I had to go view the repairs and I must say, "Quite brilliant!" You could probably replace some of the old beer commercials with that a reason to drink more beer.

Linda D. in Seattle