Monday, July 21, 2008

Another round of layoffs.

No personal friends claimed this time, though. We lost the entire online department, including a former member of our happy little group.

I mention this because I had wanted to join online. Seemed the wave of the future.

Instead I remained in Composing where we are in charge of the melding of news and advertising. That means I spend the entire week as Quality Control in advertising. A tough job given the number of agents and artists, none of whom is great with spelling and detailing.

Well, that paid off. Sort of.

This week we were tops in the national network of Advertising Quality for Gannett. Yay.

They sent up an icecream cake, with some silly remarks about how they know we are working in muggy, unairconditioned heat. Yay.

Said cake was half chocolate. Yay.

I mean, boo. Cramped me up so bad that I was praying for a cleansing vomiting session. Frankly, if I had been alone, the finger would have gone done the throat. For the only time since I started the new shift, I had company right up to 11:30pm.

Ice cream cake is so much cheaper than fixing the air conditioning or sending out bonuses.

Here's where someone says "You should be glad you have a job." And I am, but I also know that the last time we "won" such an award, I was promoted to full time, and immediately went on partial layoff from September to December.


Little Pond


Denver Refashionista said...

Good and bad luck? Cake makes everything ok (sure it does).

mdmhvonpa said...

Somehow cramps and your current working conditions ... and employers ... seems to dove-tail nicely.

pb said...

Sorry to remove the comment, but the language had to go. Also there was a direct identification of a fellow employee, and that's not allowed here.