Monday, July 07, 2008

Suffocating Heat

We have managed to stay either indoors or in the shade. This weekend I washed the front porch, cleaning the awnings, blind and siding, all in the shade. It was a good job done out of the sun.

The tree work just sort of happened. I was sawing a branch when I heard from below:

"I knew those weren't [huband RJ's] legs! What are you doing up there!" It was my next door neighbor, who was ultimately delighted to learn that I was removing limbs that interfered with our roofs. He took the opportunity to limb a plant bordering our properties, while also lending me his reciprocating saw for the limbing.

While we were at it, a buddy of his joined us, as did RJ, and we pulled down a lot of limbs and made an appointment for next Saturday to do the same. It will cost a case of Heineken's beer.

Don't you love neighborhood living?

Little Pond


Denver Refashionista said...

You must be feeling better since you are climbing around in the trees. Good for you.

pb said...

It's funny. When climbing a ladder, I rely a lot on my arms, so it is easy to climb and descend. Just standing there is the problem, so my neighbor's electric saw was a big help. I wasn't going to do as much as we accomplished, and would have hired out the rest but my neighbor's buddy insisted he could do it. That's when I asked what he drinks.