Friday, July 11, 2008

Anyone else?

I cannot believe that I am taking a 24-hour Zirtec (generic) and my usual antihistamine, both at the same time. And still my sinuses drip! I have ordered a prescription nasal spray, fluticasone, to dry that up, but for heaven's sake!

All together, along with the Flovent inhaler, and I am still groping for the albuterol. I wanted to get off that completely.

Geez, what a disgusting thing the human body can be...

Anyone? Eastcoasters? Midatlantickers? Is it just me?

Little Pond


Denver Refashionista said...

I'm having some allergies but nothing compared to you. It is incredibly irritating though...

pb said...

It's pretty official now. Husband RJ is coughing up crud and my coworkers are sniffling and coughing, but no one has complained about a cold.

Is Denver having full summer now? You all had quite a spate of unusual weather out there recently.


Pacific Coast says "hello", but no such allergies here. Then again, I think I've lost my sense of smell completely this past year, so...LOL Guessing my nose is as dysfuctional as they come and my immune system has a nuclear glow after all the MS meds.

Linda D. in Seattle